A Journey Through the Blender

Sometimes the final days or hours before departing on a big trip can resemble a blender with the lid popped off; or better yet, one of those hot-air popcorn makers that a little kid can’t resist opening up just as the little kernels are at their most explosive point, when they’re gaining momentum and going off like a fireworks finale.  At some point, one can reach a critical point of personal growth and accept the reality of what is.  If anything’s missing, we just don’t need it!  Departure time is fast approaching and I for one have felt a certain level of this blender effect.  But that probably has everything to do with my own personal disorganization and general junk show of a life, and nothing to do with a Karmic and/or Cosmic vendetta against me (Jake).  Willy can speak for himself, but judging from the past 96 hours or so, I’m sure he’ll agree to that as well.

Ben and Jake will depart from the States tomorrow eve; and Willy, after a harrowing few days of dealing with the Pakistani Consulate in London which resulted in his visa in hand just hours ago(!), will peace out from the UK on Wednesday.  We three will rendezvous somewhere at the airport in Islamabad on the 9th.  That same day, we are scheduled to take a flight to Skardu (won’t even leave the airport in Islamabad… Inshalla!)  Josh is still fighting the good fight in Peru; we hope he’s sending awesome mountains and enjoying killer weather.

But now, in the end as I sit here and try to think about what actually I’ve been doing for the past few days, I realize that: it hasn’t been that much!  And the small nagging things are only just that; little yapping dogs, barking at the heels of the mind, and denying peace -for sure – but ultimately not causing any real harm.  We’re in good shape; the news from Willy this afternoon about his personal epic and ultimate victory were a huge boost, and now that the last minute of last minute things are done (bank has been called, passport and visa have been copied, equipment sorted/culled/packed) with nothing but the ticking of the clock to bother my piece of mind, I feel like, yes… things have come together at last.

One Response to “A Journey Through the Blender”

  1. Betty Beckner Says:

    Wishing you all a safe journey!

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