One of the goals of this blog is to expose viewers to a side of Pakistan that is different than what you usually see in the newspapers.  We also want to share media from our past climbing adventures.

This video is from Willy’s recent research trip to southern Pakistan.  As a pilot study for his larger research about the ways that families in rural Pakistan evaluate girls’ education, Willy spent a month teaching English and conducting interviews and questionnaires with students, teachers, and parents associated with the Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization in the southern Punjab.

Here is a Podcast featuring Willy talking about this trip and sharing other reflections about Pakistan.

And these photos are from the same trip:

Below is some footage and reports from some of our past adventures:

Josh’s trip in Fox Jaw Cirque, Greenland.

Josh’s trip in Piratas Valley, Argentina.

Jake and Ben doing some team-building before heading to the Charakusa:

Below, find a two-part video about Jake and Willy in the Waddington Range.  If nothing else, this footage showcases Jake’s impressive ability to play harmonica and speak in a British accent.


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