June 9: Willy, Jake and Ben meet in Islamabad

Fly to Skardu on PK 451 dept ISB @ 10:35 am

Meet folks at Nazir Sabir

June 9-18: Through collaboration with ITA and SAFED, Willy, Jake, and Ben will be visiting the village of Sundus and working on Willy’s PhD research about girls’ schooling in rural Pakistan.  Some of this time will also be spent finishing expedition logistics and bouldering, hiking, etc.

June 18: Josh arrives in Skardu at 12:30 PM on PK 451 from ISB

June 19: Drive to Hushe

June 20: Organize porters and hike into Charakusa Valley

June 21: Hike to K6 basecamp and install!

June 21-July 22: Acclimitization climbs and attempts on Nafees Cap!

July 23: Hike to Hushe

July 24: Drive to Skardu

July 25: Fly to Islamabad

PK 452 dept Skardu at 12:30 pm

July 26: Explore Islamabad

July 27: All fly home

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