We are all healthy and happy back in Skardu.  We did not summit Nafees’ Cap but put in a good effort — first a nine-day attempt, and then a three-day attempt.  There are many stories and images yet to come, but these will have to suffice for now:

7 Responses to “Returning”

  1. bill oppenheim Says:

    great you guys are back-look forward to seeing you soon in usa-

  2. great venture…looking forward to the stories and photos. glad you made it all back together.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Great pics! Glad you all are back safe in Skardu. Can’t wait to here all the stories.

  4. Great job! Looks freezing cold…, happy to hear your adventures soon here in the sun :-))

  5. Ellen Oppenheim Says:

    Thank heavens for your safe return off the wall and back to Islamabad. One more leg, and you all will be back safely to the USA. I hope Josh’s leg is healed. We anxiously await your return!

  6. Susan Tipton Says:

    I am absolutely awed. You four are an amazing group of men. I give you a standing ovation and heartfelt congratulations for this feat!

  7. Niki Venter Says:

    I can not wait until you are all back home safely and to hear all about the adventure and see more pictures. The pictures willy posted are breath taking.You are an imazing group of young men.

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