Full team in Skardu

Josh has arrived.  Our bags are packed.  The ceremonial ‘Hunza water’ has been poured, toasted, and swallowed.  As we prepare for tomorrow’s Jeep ride to Hushe and the walk that will begin from there, I remember a few lines from a crazy old Chinese mountain poet:

Once at Cold Mountain, troubles cease –
No more tangled, hung up mind.
I idly scribble poems on the rock cliff,
Taking whatever comes, like a drifting boat.

-Han Shan
(translation by Gary Snyder)

16 Responses to “Full team in Skardu”

  1. paula Oppenheim Says:

    Great to have the chance to see the “team.”

    Love and luck from Willy’s “Gaga.”

  2. love and best wishes to you guys in equal measure! thanks so much for the opportunity to follow your advenure on this blog– it’s a sterling second place to being there with you!

  3. Kristen Gunther Says:

    I can’t give you a better sendoff than Han Shan, but good wishes and best of luck from the Bighorns!

  4. Yay! Glad you made it, Josh!

  5. Fegner! Glad you made it man. So sorry I didn’t
    t get to call you back before you left. I tried you late but you were probably on the place at that point. Had some server issues that needed immediate attention to make sure SEIT stayed live!!! 🙂
    I wish you the best out there man. We will be following. Love ya bro.

  6. Aaron Beckner Says:

    Good Luck to all!

  7. Spirits are high in Pakistan! Josh called this morning at 4am MST to let us know they were planning to get on the wall in three days. They have 14 days of food, but they believe they will be back in 10-12 days. The wall looks pretty straight forward, challenging, but no foreseeable objective hazards. He sounded great! Everyone is doing well and he said he would call again when they returned. The spot device they were planning to use to communicate isn’t working, so they are using the sat phone now. Yay!!!

  8. Great to read-up on the journey so far…touch the sky, write some poems, live it.

  9. bill oppenheim Says:

    Willy called me last night @ 1:00 est to tell me they were all doing great-no other deails ,but sounded good–only spoke a minute

  10. Amy Davidson Says:

    You all ook happy and healthy! Have a great climb.

  11. Happy Birthday, Ben!!

  12. Josh called from the wall on Wednesday evening, July 6th. He said they were all doing well and they will be on the wall for another 5-7 days. He said he would call again in one week. It sounds like a lot of work, but things are going well. We talked for under a minute as is the goal. My apology for the delayed update, I’ve been on vacation. Dawn

  13. bill oppenheim Says:

    Willy called last night. He said they were back at base camp and all doing well. They did not get to the top of the wall as it snowed 7 of the 9 days they were out there. He said they may give it another shot as wearther was now good-blue skies!!! Spirits sounded real good;all of them are doing well-Bill Oppenheim

  14. Josh called this morning. He also said they watched a snow storm for most of the time they were on the wall and had a clearing a day ago in which they were able to come down. Josh stepped into a crevasse on the way down to base camp and the front point of his crampon stuck into his Achilles tendon, so he’s done for this expedition. He’ll stay in base camp for the next week…he sounds good but I’m sure he’s bummed to have to sit this attempt out. The rest of the team left this morning to try again. They walk out in about a week. Sending good healing thoughts to Josh’s ankle and good luck to the rest of the team on their summit bid. Dawn

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