Grocery Day in Skardu

A few anecdotes aside, I’m just gonna sort of mime the last two days of supply shopping adventures with a few photos that will sum up the excitement.


Food Explosion

Funny how you don’t need a full acre or two of aisles upon aisles to contain just enough of what you need.  We bought ninety percent of our food in this little general store that was one 20’x20′ room.  The shelves were like little bottomless pits, and when we got done, our clutter filled the store.

Easing on over to the next shop

The little stands that sell the nuts and dried fruits are the funnest.  ‘Cause you get free samples.  “Now this ap’ercot tastes purty good, but not sure if it’s better than those dates over there.  Better get me a few more of those dates to be sure.”

Test driving some delicious dried apricotts

And how blissfully chaotic to save the fruit market for the end of the day…………….

'Those spuds look a little old..... like..... rotten'

Just three white dudes tryin' to blend in

Haji Zahid - pulling no punches

'Yeah dude... those potatoes are definitely kinda' old'

And base camp fuel…

'ok, so.... wow..... this is a lot of kerosene'

2 Responses to “Grocery Day in Skardu”

  1. carl klimt Says:

    scholars ! professors ! gentlemen !!!!!!!! your blog is food for my soul. do you need a basecamp cook? what is my job interview catch phrase you say? … if i was there i’d make you apple spice pancakes with blueberry preserves and strong coffee every morning at basecamp. just sayin’…..

    – devoted reader number 4522830002 (carl)

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Love all the pics. Thinking of you three. Have fun with the potatoes!

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