3 in Islamabad

Check in: JFK

If it was uncertain before I think it is safe to say now that thejourneyhas officially begun.As of 7:45 AM Islamabad time Willy, Jake and Ben are all together.  We came from Indiana, London and New York City and now we are anxiously awaiting the next step in Benazir Bhutto International Airport.   We are on standby for the flight to Skardu.  Inshallah we will all make it aboard.  If not, an adventure awaits us in Islamabad as we wait another 24 hours to catch tomorrow’s plane.

Jake, waiting for Willy

I (Ben) arrived first in Islamabad and had the pleasure of watching both Jake and Willy walk through the International Arrivals door and into the hot, muggy 110 degree air of Islamabad’s outdoor terminal.   With firm embraces and smiles we pushed awkwardly full carts of Haul bags, duffels and back packs around the terminal as we are bide our time, waiting, as we are bound to do so much on this expedition.

3 out of 4 together!

I am anxious to see the mountains to the north and for Josh to arrive so that we are complete. In the meantime, Willy has made some great progress with contacts at schools in the Skardu area and we are sure to have some interesting times ahead.

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