Charakusa 2011!

Welcome to the Charakusa 2011 Blog!

Josh Beckner, Willy Oppenheim, Jake Tipton and Ben Venter are headed to the Charakusa Valley in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains to attempt a new route on Nafee’s Cap.  From the beginning 0f June until the end of July our team will be in Pakistan.

Art by Dennis Sanders.

10 Responses to “Charakusa 2011!”

  1. Peter Venter Says:

    We will follow closely. Best of luck and fair weather.

  2. Niki Venter Says:

    I will be thinking of you often.

  3. Hal Pal Says:

    be safe out there. will be thinking of you guys!

  4. bill oppenheim Says:

    have an awesome time-will be thinking of you guys-safe return!!!

  5. Ellen Oppenheim Says:

    ok, you made it into Pakistan. Now go do what you are there to do and come home safely. We send our love and prayers that everything goes your way–keep the blog postings coming…xoxoxox to all

    • paula Oppenheim Says:

      Your blog is an art work! Was so happy to read some details of your trip and see the pictures.
      The usual Grandmother message….Stay well and have a great time!
      My love to you, Willy.

  6. Jennifer Zaccara Says:

    Willy, I have been thinking so much of you – not knowing if you got the pass to get into Pakistan or not, and look there you are. Stay as peaceful as ever. Your smile and direct look will befriend all. I believe in your work, and every contact that you make changes a life deeply. I am in Cohasset for a couple of days – my Querencia. Then I go to Roger Williams University to run a Middlebury language immersion program in Bristol, RI, near Newport. So for you it is all mountains, and for me, the sea. “You are my friend. Do you know that you are my friend?” I am calling those lines across the mountaintops. Step safely and deliberately on your way. Love from Jen.

  7. Louise Barber Says:

    as you know all of us back here are thinking of you and wish you a safe, happy journey. our thoughts are always with you . Stay safe, enjoy the climb and hurry back to all who love you so much. Love, ZeeZee

  8. Ellen Oppenheim Says:

    Thinking of you boys hanging from the wall–sending positive thoughts your way. Happy birthday to WIlly!!! I hope you all celebrated his quarter-century bday in style

  9. Patrick Carroll Says:

    Josh…you are living my dream, but working with your Dad is close 😉

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